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If you need some help with a current proposal that you are developing, you can post your questions here. Check back for input from our users. Thank you!

Forum Registration Halted

Many of you have written wondering why the registration link is not working and/or why you have not seen updated questions on this forum... Due to numerous hacking attempts, junk mails, spam and fake registrations from every imaginable supposed SEO professional and other types this forum was discontinued.  I am considering enabling another one on an updated site.  In the meantime, just use the "Contact Us" page.  Thank you!

Read My Blog

Check out my blog at http://thecleaningcoach.blogspot.com You can send your questions through the blog also.  Thank you!

 We at tampa carpet

 We at tampa carpet cleaners are dedicated and professionals  that offers almost anything under cleaning aspects.  


Cleaning is a real pain especially during the holidays or spring cleaning but lucky for cleaning companies like San Antonio carpet cleaning that save me time and effort

Looking for new contracts ( janitorial & construction clean-up)

We have recently expanded our business in Bay area and we are looking for new accounts and contracts for Janitorial and Construction clean-up.We will appreciate if you have any contacts or suggestions on this. Thank you so much in advance for your sincere co-operation.

New cleaning bid

Need help typing up a new bid. I am trying to bid on a commerical building to do there cleaning. Will you please help me. Will you send me sample bids.

cleaning bid

I just start a cleaning service and i dont no how to type up a bid for contract on a job. A bank is waiting on a bid rite now from my company, so please help me to type a bid for this company. Its a small bank that im trying to get. So please help!!

Need Help

Hi, my name is Mirsada and I am from Grand Rapids. I recently started a cleaning company. We do commercial and Residential Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning too. I'd like to get more office cleaning and Construction Clean up. I would like to know if your company can help me get more accounts.Thanks!   Mirsada

help getting cleaning contracts

We are a small company in tx in the need to expand. We have over 15 years of experience in house cleaning as well as small office cleaning. Can someone give us a hand on where to start searching. thanks

cleaning contracts forums

where do I get contract forms for bidding jobs ?


My husband and I are starting our business in flooring and cleaning.  Can we get some ideas on how to bid for jobs.

I Need Training and New Clients

Hi, I own and manager a small residential and commercial cleaning service in Sarasota, FL and was hoping to expand it, getting more contracts, with large doctor's offices and commercial buildings, which I hope you could help me with. But I don't know how to get the experience to clean these buildings, since we have been doing the same type of cleaning to the commercial clients as we give the house cleaning clients, and I've been noticing, it's not practical and not at the professional level I'd like it to be. It is taking too much time and not very proficient. I want to do better, even though I have had many thanks for the great services. I might need someone to train us, so we can gain different experiences to better handle the new clients I’m hopping to get. Note, I don’t work directly cleaning and had been managing only for the past 1.5 year.  Thank you in advance.

Starting up

I am looking to start up in Calgary Alberta but am not sure where to look for the market potential...I dont want to make the investment if the city is already saturated....so this is paramount in building my Biz plan...where should I look?

Market Saturation

Any major city is saturated with cleaning service operators. Your potential has more to do with you than anything else. I'm glad to read that you are putting a plan together. Competition is the cleaning business is not like competition in a retail location. Don't let the opportunity scare you off. If you are passionate about owning your own business, will do whatever it takes from the ground up and have a good plan, you have a reasonable shot at success.  Many folks don't realize how hard starting a cleaning business from scratch really is. They want the glory of being self employed, but aren't willing to pay their dues along the way. Let me know when you have your plan done. I would be happy to review it for you. Thank you!

Interested in Your Services!!! Detroit, Michigan

Hello. My name is Monica and I am very interested in speaking with you about your telemarketing services in the Wayne County area!! I have left my contact information on the "Contact Us" page and I am a new franchise, looking to get started A.S.A.P. in building a client base.  Thanks in advance!!! I hope that your company do not already have a client here... Thanks, in advance!!!

Wayne County

We have your info. You should be hearing from Terry in the next 24 hours. Thank you!

Telephone number

What is the phone number to Cleaning Coach?

Phone Number

I have emailed it to you. Also, FYI, everyone on our mailing list is sent detailed contact information in our newsletter, which you also receive when contacting us through the "contact us" link. Thank you!

Getting Commerical Cleaning Contracts

Does anyone know a company that can help get me cleaning contracts? Please dont say (XXX edited), I called them and they sound like they are up to no good. I need help on how to get that kind of buisness. I dont know how to submit bids or poposals on my own please help.

Getting Commercial Cleaning Contracts

That's what we do every day! Write to us through the "Contact Us" link at the top of the page. Thank you!

Get some cleaning contracts

Hi my name is Luis And i will like to now if you could help me fine a good contract for cleang i do floor care windows cleaning carpet ceaning for house, aptment, offices and a lot more like construction clean-up too. i live in Mississauga ontrio canada and my

Cleaning contracts.

I sent you our phone number to contact us. Thank you!

building my company

I am from Charlotte, North Carolina and trying to build my company up.  I am not good on sales, but get me in the door and I can get the job. I can not do the first step, mail out lots of post cards with no luck what am I doing wrong?

building my company

Charlotte is a great market. I am glad to hear you are doing something, however mailouts rarely provide favorable results. A 1% -3% return is positive and expected when a coupon or strong promotion offer is provided to a targeted customer by a recognized sender.  For janitorial leads, you must develop a strong targeted list, an interesting offer or call to action and send it out to these same contacts for three consecutive months and if you get 1% that would be considered successful. However getting a response does not mean you get a deal! I only recommend mail outs to larger companies that combine a mailing as part of a brand building campaign.  Otherwise they are not a good investment when considering printing, preparation and postage on an ongoing basis in hopes that a contact is made in the future.  Of course, now is the time that I let you know that our marketing services are the way to go. Why? Because it is true.... You pay for appointments, we put you in front of prospects and you create new business relationships.  If you don't write a bid for an appointment we set for you then you don't pay for it. Our clients close one in four to five appointments that they go on. It's really that simple. I have to tell you that I am impressed that you have tried something. That is better than many that contact us. The key to building your business is taking action, not sitting around on the sidelines thinking about all the reasons you should wait.  As far as not being good at sales, I can help you with that also. During the consult sessions that I provide in our Greenhouse Package, I outline the 3 key areas to focus on during a walk-through and how to use them to help close the sale during your presentation.  Our Greenhouse Package gives you five appointments and two hours of consulting with me, where I teach you how to do the sales call, write the bid and make the presentation.  The cost is only $489.  One of my clients, Drederick in NY, started without any accounts. He  purchased two Greenhouse Packages and has now closed 3 account in the last two months that gross him over $2,000 per month. I have several other references from 2008 that have landed new accounts in their first package. For anyone else out there that is sitting on the sidelines, if you are ready to build your business, we are ready to serve you.

Getting More Business

I am in Maine and trying to cover the commercial cleaning service.  We offer many different services but would like to cover commercial.  I do residential cleaning, but would like to know if there are any bids or work available here in the Portland Area.  Thanks. The WorksYour Service Company

Getting More Business

You bet! Portland, Maine is a great area that we have been successful marketing in before. That territory is currently available. Use the "Contact Us" page to write to us to learn how we can help you build your business. In the meantime, take a look at the "Do The Math" page to see how this marketing can pay for itself.  Thank you!

Growing Business

I am interested in using your services to expand my Business in the Metro-Atlanta, GA area.  I've been in business for over 3 years and am looking for new ways to expand.  What can cleaning coach do to help me?  I filled out the questionaire, but no response yet. Best Regards, Eric

Growing Business

Hi Eric. Thanks for writing. Sorry for the delay in contacting you. We get a great deal of contacts and have just hired another person to help handle them. I have pulled your email from the que and forwarded it to the appropriate person. Please post again if you do not hear from us by Thursday and I will call you myself.  To answer this question and the other post you left, Cleaningcoach can help you because we provide the most efficient, cost effective method of putting you in front of prospective accounts.  Our clients average a 20% closing rate. Yes, we only work with one client per geographic area at a time. However a large market is often split into several areas, as is the case with the Metro-Atlanta area at times. It is usually a matter of timing. The best way to move forward is by having you submit a Client Profile Sheet after we contact you. That way we can determine if there are any areas open at that time.  We can sort by zip code, county, city and radius.  If an area is not available we will put you on a waiting list and contact you as soon as it opens up.  Thank you!

getting new business

i have been in business for a little bit now, and i am not growing at the rate i would like. i'm in the grand rapid, michigan area and own all of my equipment how should i go about getting new contracts.         

Getting New Business

Hi, If you are not growing at the rate you would like to, then you need to somehow change whatever you are doing.  That may be to improve what you are doing, do more of it or try something else. Of course, the simplest thing to do would be to use our services, that's what we are here for. I know we currently have a client in Grand Rapids, however there may be a pocket or suburb that is available.  If you haven't already, fill out the contact us form by clicking the tab at the top of the page and we will be in touch.  Thanks!  Nick

New Construction clean up

I have a new construction clean up business in oklahoma, and I am having a big problem with the construction site I am currently cleaning. I need to know how to do a bid re-vision. Can someone help me please?

New Construction clean up

Hi, Thank you for your post. I would be happy to help you but need a bit more information. It sounds like you have already started the project. What is the problem? What changes to you need to make?

new construction clean up

ok, the problem is many things. When I made the bid it was based on the walk thru on only one floor and there is 4 floors. In the beginning I was only to go in on the 15 of Dec. to clean all guest bathrooms on the 2,3 floors. Than I had to go in and do other things like, dust- clean the 4th floor and they were no where near having me go up there and do anything. Than I had to have two of my employees pour water down tubs and toilets because of pee traps smelling. Than we had to go and clean tubs on the 4th floor and sweep the hallway up there, clean the bar area and they hadn't even stripped or waxed the hard wood floor and the next day they were in there doing the floor. I am having to go and redo all the work we have already done for dust control. I have already gone through the original bid amount and the job is not even close to having me and my crew go and do the final cleaning yet. I need some advice. Where can I find the format for a bid proposal. This is all new to me and I feel like they are taking advantage of me because I am a woman.

New construction clean up

Well, I apologize for the delay in getting this posted. It sounds like you are learning some valuable lessons for the future. I hope that they aren't too expensive this go around. The first thing you need to do is stop losing money. If you haven't already, go to the Project Manager or signer of your agreement and explain the situation and ask for their help in solving the problem. If they are fair, they should work with you on this. If they aren't then I would suspect they know what they are doing and are knowingly taking advantage of you.  Construction projects frequently have changes and delays. Good two-way communication up front and all along the way is the key to success.  In multi-phase projects you want to get a punch list or inspection process at the end of each phase you complete so there is no question about you doing what you were supposed to do, when you were supposed to do it.  You should also write in a man-hour rate for any work you perform above and beyond the agreed scope of work. If you still need help with this or on your next one, write to me specifically through the "contact us" page mentioning this post. I hope this works out for you.

Business in Vancouver,WA? Commercial,Industrial,More

The business is in Vancouver,wa I would like to get some more jobs. Commercial Buildings, House cleaning, Carpet shampoing &Window washingQuality Janitorial ServiceQuality Is In Our Work Not Our Price)Licensed/Bonded/Insuredfree EstimatesOffice*Homes*Store*BuildingsWindows, Carpets, Floors, House Cleaning,Construction Clea

Hello again. I may be able

Hello again. I may be able to hook you up with some sub-contract work if your are interested.  If so, please send me your contact information through the "Contact Us" tab and mention your post on the forum.  Your geographic area is closed for telemarketing at this time because we already serve a client in the same area, but we do have a waiting list. Just check back on this. Thank you! 


How do you get you prices? I want to say that is the hardest thing for me. Can you help? I'm in the Vancouver,washington side. Also What is the best way to advertise?Quality Janitorial ServiceQuality Is In Our Work Not Our Price)Licensed/Bonded/Insuredfree EstimatesOffice*Homes*Store*BuildingsWindows, Carpets, Floors, House Cleaning,Construction Clea

How do you get prices?

Hello, The price you quote will be based on several factors, including the frequency of the cleaning, the tasks involved and the square footage of the account.  Time is money, so ultimately you are trying to determine how long the account will take you to clean and then applying an hourly rate to that time.  Hourly rates typically slide on a scale of $15 to $30 per man hour with the larger jobs at the bottom of the scale and small once per week type jobs at the higher rate.  You must also determine a minimum service amount for each account, because even if you are bidding at $50 an hour, it is not cost effective to drive to a job, unload your equipment and clean for only 15 minutes unless you are accounting for those factors.  In regards to building your business, telemarketing is the most cost effective way to build your business because you are creating momentum for your business rather than spending money and hoping for the phone to ring.  It is also something you can turn on and off without entering into a costly contract like yellow pages advertising or without hiring a salesperson that you have to figure out how to pay each month. Please feel free to post anymore questions.


Harvey, You can leave your question(s) here on the forum and I will try to leave you an answer or you can contact us through the website. Thank you!Nick

I would like to expand my company in the St. Louis area!

I have been doing business in the St. Louis area for several years and I would like to add more floor, carpet and commercial cleaning. I own all of my equipment and I am ready to do business right asap.

St. Louis

I'm sorry we currently have a large client that is marketing in the St. Louis area.  We can add you to our waiting list and/or you can check back with us later.  Let us know if we can help you in any other way. Thank you for your interest.  Nick

Thanks for your response!

Thanks for your response!

Hello my name is Harvey I'm

Hello my name is Harvey I'm from Detroit Mich I have had a cleaning co. for some years and really have'nt done much with it....but I would like to pls help me...


Hello Harvey,My name is Edith and I am from Detroit also, but I presently living in Denver, Colorado.  I have started my own janitorial business here in Colorado and wanting to bring my business back to Detroit.  If you are interested in joining together please contact me at y.ve.marsem@hotmail.com

Foot in the door

I have all the means to start my own service, but i don't really know about getting a business started, could you give me some information on what i would need to do to get my foot in the door?

cleaning contract bid


Tampa to Orlando

Hi, At this time the Orlando market is closed to new clients because we already have a current client there.  Does the franchise you had in Tampa operate in Orlando?  I could refer you to some franchise operators that I know in Orlando or other companies that may have subcontract opportunties. I could also offer you some consulting services to help you jumpstart your business. Please write back through the "contact us" page if I can be of any help. Thank you!

Getting your foot in the door

It sounds like you haven't started yet.  The first thing you will need to do is at least scratch out a basic business plan that includes some goals that will help you transition from what you do now. I would be happy to help you with that through the consulting services that we offer. Please contact us through our website.  Nick

Getting foot in the door!

Well first thing is you go around looking at the one's you want. Check to see if they have the sign up, you know the one they hang saying go away. Well if you see that then grab the phone number and call and ask when their contract ends,. Then ask if they would be willing to set up a free estimate for you to set up an apointment. You have a chance to get a no, but you also have a good chance you will get a yes. It is a very big chance that you wont get any that day and believe me you will call about 20 before you get a grab but it is all good that money is good to wait.Quality Janitorial ServiceQuality Is In Our Work Not Our Price)Licensed/Bonded/Insuredfree EstimatesOffice*Homes*Store*BuildingsWindows, Carpets, Floors, House Cleaning,Construction Cleaning & much more

Looking to expand business

I recently started a cleaning company in the Seattle area and I would like to know if you company can help me aquire contracts. I am looking to service businesses in Kent, Federal Way, Auburn, and Tacoma washington (South Puget Sound). I would like to obtain $3300.00 in monthly gross revenues by January 2008. Can you please let me know if your company has established contacts in this area and if you have worked with any other cleaning companies in this area.Thanks,Veronica

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